Crib Camera Safety

by Mr. Baby Proofer | Jan 4, 2017 | 0 comments

We all want to see our little one’s when they sleep, to make sure they are safe and snug. To achieve this, most parents purchase a camera/monitor so we can view our babies in slumber. I’ve found that parents especially first time parents, want to place the camera close enough to see the baby breathing. I can relate, after sleep training my oldest daughter, once she was quiet, we wanted to see every little movement.

Proper placement of your camera is very important for your child’s safety. When you place your camera too close, or like I see almost daily, on the crib with velcro or zip ties, you put your baby at risk. The electrical cord is now accessible to your child, and can be chewed on, unplugged and the connector can end up in your baby’s mouth, and/or the cord can also be wrapped around posing a risk of strangulation. Also, when the camera is mounted too close to the crib, once your baby starts to move he will be out of camera view in no time.

Your camera should be mounted on the wall at a height that will give you a full view of the crib. Use a stuffed animal to help you adjust the camera leaving no blind spots. Once installed on the wall, use an electrical channel encasement to shield the wire keeping you little one in full view and nice and safe!

-Mr. Baby Proofer

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