Pool Fencing

We are an authorized Guardian Removable pool fence dealer. Removable child safety fences are the safest form of protection for your child. Guardian pool fencing is the highest quality available.

With Guardian, every pool fence installation is custom to that specific swimming pool. Our removable-mesh fencing systems come in a variety of styles and is built and installed to specifications of your pool area.

All Guardian pool safety fences are very attractive with strong transparent mesh material. They feature our *PATENTED self-closing, self-latching, key-locking gate. The Australian manufacturer of MAGNA LATCH promotes the latch as “The World’s Safest Gate Latch”. We agree completely. Nothing we have seen in latching systems is even close to the quality of our pool gate latching system.

Qualities unique to GuardianĀ®
Smiley face With Guardian’s stainless steel pin design your pool deck surface will be drilled with dime sized holes. This makes the appearance much nicer and makes repair when fence is removed minimal. Caps can be placed in holes when fence is removed that match your deck.

Color Variety
Smiley faceWe offer a wide range of color choices! With many colors to choose from, you can always find a perfect fit for your yard! You get to choose color, mesh and mesh border color in any combination!